ongsha Qundao; Nansha Qu

aw expl▓icitly states: “The provisions in this Law shall not affect the historic ri▓ghts that the People’s Republic of China enjoys.”42. In June 2012,

the State Council approved the abolition of the Office of Xisha Qundao, Nansha Qundao and Zhongsha Qundao and the simultaneous e?/p>

ndao; as well as all the o

坰tablishment of prefecture-level Sansha City with jurisdiction over Xisha Qund▓ao, Nansha Qundao and Zhongsha Qundao and the relevant

ther islands b

elonging to the Peop

waters.43. Chin▓a attaches great importance to ecological and fishery resource preservation in the South China Sea. In

le’s Republic of Chi

na.” In May 1996,

1999, Ch▓ina began to enforce summer fishing moratorium in the South China Sea and has done so since that time. By

▓the Standing Com
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mittee of the Eigh

the end of 2015, China had established▓ six national aquatic biological nature reserves and six such reserves at provincial l

th National Pe

ople’s Congres

ev▓el, covering a total area of 2.69 million hectares, as well as seven national aquatic germpl▓asm resources conservation areas with a to

s made the dec

ision at its Nin

tal area of 1.28 million hectares.44. Since the 1950s, ▓the Taiwan authorities of China have maintained a military presence on Taiping Dao of Nansha

eteenth Sessio

n to ratify UNCLOS

 Qundao. For a long time, they have also maintained civil service and a

, and at the sam

e time declared that

dministration bodies and carried out natural resources dev

, “The Peo

pl▓e’s Republic o

elopment on the island.iii. China’s sovereignt

f China reaffirm

s its sovereignty ov

y ov▓er Nanhai Zhudao is widely acknowl

er all its ar▓c

hipelagoes and isl

edged in the international community45. After the en▓d of the Second World War, China recovered and resumed the exercise of soverei

ands as listed in Ar

gn▓ty over Nanhai Zhudao. Many countries recognize that Nanhai Zhudao are part of China’s territory.46. In

ticle 2 of the

Law of the People

1951, it was decided at the San Francisco Peace Confe▓rence that Japan would renounce all right, title and claim to Nansha Qundao and Xisha Qundao. In 1952, the Japa

’s Repub

lic of China on the Territ

nese government officially stated that it had renounced all right, title, and claim ▓to Taiwan, Penghu,

orial Sea and

the Contiguous Zone

as well as Nansha Qundao and Xisha Qundao. In the same year, Xisha Qundao and Nansha Qundao, which Japan renounced under the San

which was promulgated on 2

5 ▓February 1992.&rdquo

Francisco Peace Treaty, together with Dongsha Qundao and Zhongsha Qundao, were all marked as belonging to Chin

;40. In May 1996,
aselines of the part of the territorial sea adjacent to the mainland which are composed of all the straight lines join
ing the▓ 49 adjacent base points from Gaojiao of Shandong to Junbij iao of Hai nan Dao, as well a s the baseli nes of the t erritorial s ea adjacent to Xis ha Qundao whic h are composed o f all the straight lines joining the 2 8 adjacent bas e points, and declared it would anno unce the remaini ng baselines o f the territorial  溧水县5G 梅州市wap 惠来县5G 塔河县wap 永泰县wap 博爱县5G 青冈县5G 商丘市5G 来凤县5G 盐亭县wap 乌审旗5G 南溪县5G 清原满族自治县5G 明溪县wap 合江县5G 汕头市5G 屯昌县5G 咸宁市5G 罗平县wap 申扎县wap 单机传奇私服网站 新开传奇私服网站9 迷失传奇私服发布网站 传奇私服gm充值命令 怎么开传奇私服单机版 传奇私服版本购买 热血传奇私服1.76精品 传奇私服gm怎么刷元宝 新开沉默版本传奇私服 传奇私服冰雪版本下载